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epicurean said:
Nem said:

Sure, if you like running behind the mob and holding the button for 100 hours... 

I would advise you play the Xenoblade games. It might change your opinion.

I am actually playing Xenoblade Chornicles 2 right now. About 10 hours in.

I know it gets more involved later on, but so far the combat in FF XV is MUCH more involved than XC2 is (like I said, so far).

I really don't want to get into a FFXV vs XC2 war, though. I like both games. I really enjoyed FFXV. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to accept that. :) 

I am not so cruel that i don't let other people have their opinions. I just don't understand it, but ofc you are very welcome to love whatever you want.

I haven't played Xenoblade 2 yet, but Xenoblade X is the one i find the most engrossing. There is tons of depth in that game. I think you will love it if you ever get to play it.