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Rêveur said:
I don't understand why so many get duped by odd-pricing strategy. The edition is 149.99$. It's 150, not 149. I see a lot of people disregard the cents and just keep the dollar amount. For example, I've seen people say that a 99.99$ thing cost 99$. It's essentially 100$, not 99. You should really be rounding up rather than down.

It's a stupid pricing strategy that somehow works. People see $199 and it looks so much cheaper than seeing $200.

Also people never think of tax either. So their $149.99 item will actually set them back like $160+

Same marketing strategy when  bragging about having so many features. Think of video games where they go like "over 55 characters" or some number. That usually means 99% of the time there is 56 characters. But it sounds more impressive saying "over" than some exact number.