None, the threat is technological advances without a moral compass.
Science have no moral limits, religion is bounded by its own moral limits, it can go as far as their dogmas allow. There are, therefore, dangerous religions that demand violence, but most of them are clearly about a spiritual path, being to salvation and heaven (christianity), being to enlightment or nirvana (spiritualism, budhism).

Now, science is the methodical search for knowledge, it is neutral, in such boundaries of description.
Technology, in other hand, is like a unstopabble force, many times imoral by its own nature: change and enhance, being the environment and the human being, and animals, everything, without a moral compass or a brakes device to allow us the time to really think this:

- It is possible, but should we do it?

Mankind is, in part, forgeting spirituality and diving in a spiral of anxiety, pleasures without end and depression.
Tech will provide more and more of the poison that started the problem at first.

And in the end, not only deadly devices like bombs, but also the dream of defeating death with technology will be a curse.
Think about a mankind that almost abolishes death, but at the cost of their very souls: abortions, death camps of the imperfect, a clean and sterile reality where God is not invited.
We dream of getting there, but it will be our downfall.

It is like the monkey´s pawn, the very thing we wish for is our doom.
Without soul, man is a monster, we see it every day: screaming machines that can not stand to the minimal amount of disconfort, little trolls instead of humans.
It is a somber, dark and sad tomorrow technological advances without moral compass will bring.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.