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Darashiva said:
TK14 said:

I understand what you're trying to do, but I still think it would make more sense for us to vote for entire franchises then rather than singular games with a restriction. Because as my lists perfectly illustrate, I'm being forced to only recognize one Xenoblade and Zelda game, and the 'Top 10' by your rules is quite drastically different compared to my ACTUAL Top 10. So we're not really seeing people's top 10 favorite OSTs in this thread. 

I wanted people to think a bit out of the most obvious choices. Half of my top 10 would basically be Final Fantasy games if I didn't enforce the rule for example. Everyone has to work within the same rules, and in general once everyone's votes are counted in it will reflect the opinion of most people. Not to mention the fact that If people could just choose as many games from a single franchise as they wanted the eventual top 50 would be exceptionally boring and repetitive. 

Fair enough. :) I understand that you're looking for diversity. Just as long as everybody realizes that this Top 50 and these Top 10 lists really aren't accurate to what they would be if we could give our actual Top 10s with no restrictions. That's all I'm saying. 

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