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Errorist76 said:
MrRoops said:

lol myth.

Reality on the ground is different then it was years ago.  Unfortunately mass rapes mass pedophila and skyrocketing crime's is now a western european norm.  Plus the enriching terrorism.

"While such crime went down by 21.9 percent between 2007 and 2014, it was up again by 10.4 percent by the end of 2016."

-What that means is crime is still below a level of 2010. 

- The first video is from ONE SINGLE incident 3 years ago. Most of these attackers weren't even asylum seekers nor were they registered in Germany.

- As I had already explained (and as is stated in that article) a certain rise is to be expected due to the poor, jobless people and their demographics.

- As I've stated already, Germany's or Europe's rape and crime rates are way below those in the US. Why is that?! 


- Biggest hypocrisy here is another one though! Why are most of these people fleeing?! The reason are US and UK lead wars all over the middle east and North Africa. And you people above all dare to criticise us, who try to help them?! Go f+++ yourself!!!

And now you and you f'in president dare to spread lies about "mass rapes, mass pedophila and skyrocketing crime's". 

I hate you and your kind! You can't even spell right the sh*t you're spewing!!!

You know what. Opposite to you me and my family are HELPING families from Iraq and Syria. Helping them, even if they don't f*in know if they will be allowed to stay or if they will need to go back in their countries that your "shithole" presidents have ruined forever!

Excuse me if I lose my temper. People like you should be forced to live in those countries for a year or so. And no, with families NOT THE ARMY!

LoL come down before you go all hitler on us.

Europe's crime rates are skyrocketing, and all you got is but but murica and its do to poor people lol.  

Your Nazi ancestors and grandparents ruined more countries and killed more innocent people than America ever did.