StreaK said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:

It will still read as I described it. The post has the same lines used on Wii back in 2007. I am not here to judge you, I do not really care. Just pointing out how your post could have read the exact same in 2007 with the names of the consoles changed to fit the relevant time frame.

Ok, fair enough. Sorry, it just felt like you had something against what I wrote. I'm just guessing here, and I still feel for some reason that the Nintendo Switch will just slow down. Just some instincts kicking in.

It's still expensive for what it is and both portability and battery runtime could be improved so even if the current model takes a small dip in sales I feel a later cheaper version based on an improved fabrication process will improve sales (I can't see it worsening them) and appeal to a wider audience. I could be wrong but its hard to see why people will buy less Switch's when it has a larger software library and is improved and cheaper. Great marketing and fantastic software has helped achieve very high Switch hardware sales already. Momentum seems good to me for future sales.