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killeryoshis said:
Breath of the Wild really bursts in this list this year. I wonder how it will hold up as the years go by. Also Xenoblade winning goty in 2010 is weird. It came out in Japan that year but 2011 is when it came to Europe and 2012 is when it came to America. However it is probably best to leave it winning 2010.

Anyway this list is really well done! Good job.

Breath of the Wild has quite a large lead over Super Mario 64, so it had a lot of breathing room even if it loses votes next year (and beyond). To put things into context, even if I were to exclude all people who voted for just the Wii U version of BotW, BotW would still win 1st by a comfortable margin.

Last edited by Leadified - on 07 January 2018