From time to time, I read about Wii and there is a lot of negativity around the console. I really wonder, why does the console really have such a poor reputation among so many gamers? The biggest reason I see is the casual games and that argument has never really held up. Do you guys just want to hate Wii? Is the Wii hate just kind of a trend? Many Wii haters are Nintendo fans and love DS which leads me into more confusion. I am legitimately lost about why the console is looked back upon so poorly despite all it has contributed to gaming and what it represented during its era.


I am very open to finding this answer. I may ask challenging questions in response to a reply but that is only to test the validity and merit of the response on a factual basis. Of course, your opinion will not be as heavily tested, just the facts that surround it. The reasons you guys list will be taken seriously and will also be noted for a future project. So please, tell me why you or the people you have communicated with dislike Wii. Also, thank you to anyone that replies.

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