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WhatATimeToBeAlive said:
Looks like many of you don't know what is the issue behind this. It's not aimed against individuals who state their opinions, conspiracy theories, etc.. The problem is the organised disinformation/propaganda that is (mainly) spread by Russia.

Putin and his inner circle got scared in 2011 when there were big protests against him in Russia, and many of the North African and Middle-East dictators were ousted by the people. Then in 2014 when Ukraine broke away from Russia's influence zone and the "anti-West" attitude/tactic was put in full action, the disinformation-flood from Russia started.

This is done by "the troll-factories" that employ hundreds/thousands of people and are located in Russia (some people who worked there have come public about it). They also use bots who do the work automatically, and probably pay individual people/sites located outside of Russia to spread "the message". Russia has also started to support almost every anti-EU (European Union)/anti-west/far right movement, and target the dissinformation-/hacking-campaings towards elections in Europe and USA.

The main goal of this is to keep Putin (and also other autocrats/dictators) in power, cause division in the EU- and other Western countries (the break-up of EU would be Putins dream, because it would be much easier for Russia to influence decisions of countries who are "on their own" and not part of a big union) and undermine people's trust in democracy (The less people, especially the Russians, want a democratic system the better it's for Putin. All of Russia's allies are also basically run by dictators/autocrats, so that's also a good reason to weaken democracy. Or can you think of situation where a country that is democratically run would like to become an close ally to a country run by a dictator.).

"many of the North African and Middle-East dictators were ousted by the people."


i missed this earlier and this is bs that has been spread to justify how the us has been destroying countries like iraq, lybia, syria etc etc etc

there are mountains of evidence that show that the united states has going into these countries and destabalising them by funding, aiding and training rebels and dictators


lets take iraq as an example were you aware for example that saddam hussein was put in power by the us?


that the us aided saddam in his attacks?


or is this all just russia propaganda? i could quite easily go on to talk about lybia, syria etc etc etc


witness the birth of al qaeda


general wesley clark a russian spy?


the thing is that this info is readily available and yet there's still this narrative about how the us is a peaceful benevolent brother to all countries that just wants peace

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