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WhatATimeToBeAlive said:
o_O.Q said:

 what are some examples of the lies spread by russia?

These are just some related to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine (over 10 000 deaths):

- "The unmarked soldiers that invaded Crimea are not Russian soldiers."

- "There are no Russian soldiers or military equipment in Eastern Ukraine."

- "The passenger plane that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine was downed by an Ukrainian military aircraft." (In reality it was shot down by a mobile anti-air missile-system that was brought from Russia, and was most likely operated by Russian soldiers.)

- "Ukraine is run by fascists." (In the 2014 elections that were held after Russia attacked Ukraine, the far-right party got 2 % of the votes. But that didn't stop the Russian state media news from reporting that the far-right party got majority of the votes.)


And there are countless of other straight up lies that Russia and its trolls make all the time on daily basis. It's almost at the absurdity-level of North-Korea.


can you show the official russian sources that make these claims?

i find it hard to believe that russia would claim that they had no soldiers in the ukraine

""Ukraine is run by fascists.""

there has been leaked dialogue between us officials about putting a puppet leader in the ukraine... i think that's what people are referring to