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curl-6 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Honestly no offense curl but at this point it just sounds like you're making excuses for a system that has very obvious flaws .... what's the point in pretending like it's perfect? And if you respond with "Well I don't think it's perfect (nothing is perfect!)" then your testament certainly doesn't correlate with that philosophy. 

"Part of skill though is not just in the execution, but in strategy and weapon management. It's knowing when to use the right tool for the right job;"

Sure, your examples are quite good by the way. But really your contesting a point I never made. I'm not stupid, I know that part of skill is strategy. But again you're stating things very blankly like it's a black and white procedure. It isn't. You're often not going to know how much hits you have left before your weapon breaks(I don't even remember if the stat is in the game but even if it is again the game is not menu simulator 2017 and since I have so many hours in the game it's likely people won't even come across the stat if it's even shown in the game). Of course the moment you see a powerful enemy , you usually have enough time to come up with a strategy, though even that's now always the case. Your point would only work if Breath of the Wild was a purely strategical game, but it isn't. It's improvisational and I don't think they've found the right balance yet between the pros of weapon durability and the cons of it. Maybe it should be in the sequel, but it needs some major adjustments. 

You can also kill foes without even drawing your sword/cub/axe by rolling rocks down hills, using your limitless rune bombs, using magnesis to hit them with metal objects, setting dry grass around them on fire, etc. "

Do you know how BULLSHIT that shit is? Gosh, I fucking hate the rune bombs! Even when I upgraded them they felt so annoying to use over and over and over again. The metal objects can be used effectively but quite rarely. The dry grass fires are better for soaring the skies than actually fighting enemies. Again you are kind of reaching, if anything I felt like after a while BOTW wasn't flexible enough with these mechanics. 

 I simply don't see any major cons with the system as it exists now.

Weapons that are low on durability flash red on the menu and a message pops up on screen notifying you that it's badly damaged, so the player will always know when their weapon is at breaking point.

I dont think your argument for strategy is strong when your evidence is a reactionary red flash that only really leads to in the moment srategy and not preparation like you claim. 


But I will go no further. Fair enough man, you bring up some great points. Like I said, I agree with some of the pros and cons of the system. I just hope that if its in the next game its tweaked for the better :)