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numberwang said:
Tulipanzo said:

See, if you read the whole article you'd see it's far less focused on hormone therapy then it is on the experience of coming out as transgender

...that little side detail of hormone injections into prepubescent children, nothing to see here, move along citizen.


Another article of someone aged 15 wanting to change and regretting it later after surgery.

At the same time, there was a significant change in how I felt about my gender. Reflecting on the difference in how I was treated when people saw me as a man, I realised other women were also held back by this. I had assumed the problem was in my body. Now I saw that it wasn’t being female that was stopping me from being myself; it was society’s perpetual oppression of women. Once I realised this, I gradually came to the conclusion that I had to detransition.

Look who has come out of the woodwork to completely ignore my point.
Mate, talking to a med student here, but really doesn't take that much to know that hormone blockers are reversible.
Or that "once the doctor determines that puberty has begun" seems to suggest that the term "prepubescent" is not applicable.

Not that it matters, since any hormone therapy is yet to even be suggested, farther still from actually beginning.

Posting an article [that I had already read btw] about a patient suggesting extra counselling to defend saying that a couple using counselling exclusively "has decided to start hormone therapy for their children" is not making your claim any more baseless