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DonFerrari said:

Sure... but even on the perfect world 25% less price makes 25% more sales.

Anyway I get your point, just pointed that the arbitraty increase is just that arbitraty, of course PS4 could have sold more if it launched for less, and that is why I said if you compare Switch aligning to PS4 price when dropping to 299 would make more sense (hint, PS4 sold more when dropping price and Switch will have less price drops to increase and sustain sales)

I am also aware that the PS4 sold more at the $299 price point... but its still not a fair comparison. I am not making this argument to say "hey look the PS4 is still better anyways".... Just pointing out why pricing aligning sales in this case doesn't make sense when what we are considering is how quickly the consoles are selling.

Now if we were having a discussion on how well this console sold or is selling at x price then thats a different matter. We are talking about rate of sales here.

Mind you, there is a way that all this ends up still working out in the NS favor.... though it could be unlikely. So yh, the NS launched at $299 and the PS4 at $399. In 4 years the PS4 finally started hitting that $199 price point, which is a 50% drop from its launch price. If the switch can somehow have a similar percentage price drop at the same intervals the PS4 had its own or even better get to $150 before or on the next 4 years... thn it may see a similar LTD sales rate as the PS4 has. 

Errrr.... this is of course ignoring the effect of software...... basically, the NS would have to also have as impactful a software lineup that matches the PS4s. Mind you, "as impactful" doesn't mean have as many games..... but that rather whatever games it has has the ame kinda effect for it as the games the PS4 had had on the PS4s sales.