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sc94597 said:
Hm, so a unified OS will definitely help Nintendo a lot in terms of quality releases next generation. The Nintendo Handheld + Nintendo Home Console almost rivals the other platforms, and that is assuming no third party multiplat support.

I would love to see Nintendo supporting this OS for a long time.

On a user level the UI and UX is pretty much unparalleled.
Nintendo has managed to do, what so few designers can: make one layout work for multiple different input devices, and screen sizes.
The fact that they were able to have a nice looking UI that works with both a controller or a touch screen, is kind of crazy.
The UI is fast, easy to read and looks really good on a large screen (res aside),
It is hard to get lost or trapped inside the system, everything is well labeled and easy to access.

Oh, and the Switch's OS apparently uses very little RAM, whilst providing a decent feature list.