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From a hardware perspective, I think MS had the right moves and the better execution. If I want to get a console for 4k, I want it to be a 4k experience. A lot of games on x1x are running native 4k or at the very least, higher than ps4 pro and it comes with a 4k Bluray player. It also has Super Sampling and AF for every game instead of leaving it up to the developers at 1080p. That is the kind of a console that I want if I wanted a "4k" experience at least for this generation. Yea it costs more money but if I can't afford it, may as well get the cheaper one.

The problem with the x1x is the same problem with the x1... The games... Sony has more exclusive games than Xbox does while having most if not all third party games the xbox one does.

So you have one console that gives you plenty of games and some exclusives vs another console that gives you mostly the same games plus a lot more exclusives. And that's not even getting into the whole "most xbox games are playable on PC."

I think at the end of the day, they made the right call overall with the x1x. If they made the hardware close to the ps4 pro, then there wouldn't be much of a reason to get an x1x but having a hardware that is much more powerful than the ps4 pro while having a 4k bluray player... There is at least something there to give buyers a reason.

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