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TallSilhouette said:
Intrinsic said:
  1. MS marketed the XB1X significantly more than Sony marketed the PS4Pro.

A metric fuckton more. I saw One X commercials every week for months before launch. I don't recall seeing any for the Pro's launch.

The Pro was a conservative investment in an unproven scheme (the midgen home console) and intended from the start to be a niche product. It was never meant to be a smash hit, as indicated by the continually minimal marketing and supply. The X, on the other hand, is a big investment by MS to repair some of their image and retain some customers - which also benefited from Sony acclimating people to the idea of midgen upgrades in the first place. It's still a niche product, but you wouldn't know it by how much effort and hype MS is throwing behind it. So long as they didn't fuck it up it was sure to have a good launch with Xbox gamers tired of unfavorable comparisons and starved for more power. The real test will begin next year to see what kind of legs it has.

And PS4Pro achieved 20% of the total PS4 sales since launch. X1X may get even higher.

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