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d21lewis said:
konkari said:

My take on this: Ps4 pro had two targets for Sony

1) Bring in a device which would platform 4k content so that 4k TV and monitors would become intresting, both for consumers to buy and for manufacturers to offer. I think the synergy with TV has been great but on monitor side 4k HDR is still rare

2) Make a better PSVR experience. I think this has been playing out well during this holiday season when also games are available (skyrim)




I've said this a million times but:

I was so hyped for PSVR that I bought it on day one. I was so hyped for the improved PSVR performance that I pre-ordered the PS4 Pro. The Pro had me do hyped for 4K that I bought a 4K TV before the Pro even arrived!

They've fixed the issue now (for new buyers) but I always hated that I had to choose between HDR and PSVR. Either I had to disconnect the PSVR from the console that improved PSVR or I had to keep it connected and always have the loss of image quality gnawing in the back of my head. In that regard, I always felt Sony kinda screwed up.

The lack of HDR pass through was a very bad choice.

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