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TH3-D0S3R said:

I mean it's the same news company that published an opinion article stating men in their natural form are rapists.

This stuff seriously needs to stop. Does Trump lie? No shit, everyone does. Does that make it okay for him to lie? No. I get it, you hate Donald, I understand that even though I don't think the same way. However, if you complain about someone being a corporate liar, maybe you shouldn't get your 'news' from companies that are corporate liars.

The news can lie all it wants. We're comparing them to the guy running the USA with access to nuclear launch codes who's systematically breaking anything to do with Obama, the EPA and basically anything other than a country with black smoke coming out of their stacks like China. That's what he's trying to do...industrialize just like China.

ratchet426 said: 
And yet is loyal, idiot subjects simply don't care. To them, all of his lies are easily explained away as "fake news" from the corrupt "libtard" media who are just trying to make Saint Donald look bad. And of course, the involuntary knee-jerk rebuttals of "But Hillary did xyz" "But we suffered for 8 years under Obama" "But Liberals" "But BENGHAZI!!!!" "But her emails" "But, but but ....."

He's blowing so much smoke but it's at the point of being pathetic now. It looks like they have their teeth stuck into everyone up to an including his Son for corruption.  If it hits him, Don Donny Sr. will fall. No person with a brain will be able to deny that link even though they're denying it right now.