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Errorist76 said:
TH3-D0S3R said:

I mean it's the same news company that published an opinion article stating men in their natural form are rapists.

This stuff seriously needs to stop. Does Trump lie? No shit, everyone does. Does that make it okay for him to lie? No. I get it, you hate Donald, I understand that even though I don't think the same way. However, if you complain about someone being a corporate liar, maybe you shouldn't get your 'news' from companies that are corporate liars.

The NYT is among the most acknowledged news sources on the whole planet, no matter what your leaking tin foil hat tells you.

But whatever, yeah...let him lie! It doesn't matter that the president of the United States of America, the most powerful and probably proudest country on earth is a colossal dickhead and a liar, who even made people believe what independent news sources are telling is all bullshit. I mean, how manipulable must one be to believe HIM but question all news sources on this planet?!!



method114 said: 

Your right it's just so infuriating to see the way times have changed. You used to get into a debate with someone and cite the NY times and know you were right at that point. Now it doesn't mean jack. I can't think of any publication that does at this point I can't believe what we've done to our own media. 

So you prefer to believe in a worldwide known liar, narcissist and con-man instead of the highest decorated journalists on this planet?! Congratulations...I guess I can't help you.

What? Did you just decide to ignore the second half of my post or are you okay with defending a terrible source that hasn't been relevant since the switch to TV and thus has been grasping for straws to get an adequate amounts of subscribers?

This goes for all sources BTW, including Fox News, so don't even spew garbage saying I'm DT's lap dog.