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Intrinsic said:
OdinHades said:
We should finally accept that we live in a world where not everybody can work anymore. Jobs will continue to disappear because of automation, not just in the automobile industry but in every industry. Instead of trying to keep jobs around that aren't needed at all, we should focus on a long-term solution for the future. Some way for anybody to live a normal life, with or without job. That would be far more reasonable than trying to stop the development of new tech for the sake of saving jobs. Even Bob Marley knew that you can't stop the time!

But yeah, I know, communism, blahblah, fuck me. =P

May not be in our lifetime, but this is definately where the world is heading.

A world where even without working you will be able to have a normal good life lacking of poverty. And then those that do work will have a life that is relatively better than yours, but everyone is still ok.

That will inevitably be the future we're heading for. But it's also very scary considering human nature. Imagine if only 50% of the population works. There we will have working people with superiority complex that will treat the non working people like garbage despite already having a better life. Then there will be the non working people who despite not working will feel entitled to the same things. And they have the great excuse of there not being enough work for everyone to strengthen their view. Then there is of course the possibility of having not enough workers because most people rather not work and still have a decent living. It's all really scary from a human perspective.

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