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OdinHades said:
We should finally accept that we live in a world where not everybody can work anymore. Jobs will continue to disappear because of automation, not just in the automobile industry but in every industry. Instead of trying to keep jobs around that aren't needed at all, we should focus on a long-term solution for the future. Some way for anybody to live a normal life, with or without job. That would be far more reasonable than trying to stop the development of new tech for the sake of saving jobs. Even Bob Marley knew that you can't stop the time!

But yeah, I know, communism, blahblah, fuck me. =P

Indeed. It doesn't really help promising that the jobs lost will be fully replaced by others, which is so far from the truth. If all saved human jobs would create an equal number of new jobs, nobody would give a shit about automation.

Probably gonna hit the US especially hard because their state wide mantra is that if you're poor you should just get a job and if you can't find a job you're a failure of a human being. All while the money gained from the automation that could help people who lost their jobs gets funneled out of the country because regulation and taxes are for suckers.

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