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OdinHades said:
We should finally accept that we live in a world where not everybody can work anymore. Jobs will continue to disappear because of automation, not just in the automobile industry but in every industry. Instead of trying to keep jobs around that aren't needed at all, we should focus on a long-term solution for the future. Some way for anybody to live a normal life, with or without job. That would be far more reasonable than trying to stop the development of new tech for the sake of saving jobs. Even Bob Marley knew that you can't stop the time!

But yeah, I know, communism, blahblah, fuck me. =P

At least the world has fair warning.  Automation will take over but it's not an immediate switch and there will always be some careers that can't be automated(or not trusted to be automated, at least for a while) which creates an opportunity to sort out something for the college educated at least.  As for Farmer Billy Bob, I can't say, a living wage sounds like the only option.  Leaving the door open for capitalism won't be a bad thing - the hard working will make their own way, while the less skilled and lazy can be spoon fed.  

"You should be banned. Youre clearly flaming the president and even his brother who you know nothing about. Dont be such a partisan hack"