This is what PolitiFact has:

The PolitiFact scorecard
True 21 (4%)(21)
Mostly True 57 (12%)(57)
Half True 70 (15%)(70)
Mostly False 101 (21%)(101)
False 158 (33%)(158)
Pants on Fire 73 (15%)(73)

Don't worry about the true, since they only check if there is some question, meaning most "true" statements go unchallenged. The rest, though, is just terrible, especially the false and "pants on fire" statements. This is not "all politicians lie lol" kind of bullshit, it's way beyond that. The man tells lies constantly.

There is no way to minimize that. No one should even try, no matter how much of a Trump support, because, quite frankly, they would look silly. The only way around that is to say that they support Trump despite his terrible habit of lying--which I don't personally understand but to each their own.