Cobretti2 said:
and your point being????

all politicians lie lol

Not like this...jesus man, a whole room of them don't lie like this.

COKTOE said: 

Btw, this is a judicial nominee Trump chose: -he can't answer even the simplest of questions, not one. It's scary how unqualified some of these people are. The fact this guy could be a judge somewhere is beyond terrifying

Oh Jeesus. I wonder what the connection is between Peterson and Trump that he'd get a nomination? That vid was hard to watch.

My spine physically itched when I saw that. Now that dude wouldn't be a total Trump lacky now would he??

GhaudePhaede010 said: 
I wish he would just shut up. It would do him so much better than telling just shy of six lies a day. If he said nothing, he could not possibly lie.

Someone needs to find whatever he uses to Tweeter and break the friggin Tweeter.

spurgeonryan said: 
Well it's going on a year now and it seems it will take more than what he has done to get him impeached. Here is to three more years of everyone trying.

In like February I was saying, "Holy shit...6 more months tops!" then 6 months came and I said "okay 2 more...there CAN'T be 2 more in him" then October came and I just gave up thinking that his own party was anything other than bottom feeding carp and won't stick their necks out to do the right thing no matter how right it is for fear of losing their precious seats that GET ABSOLUTELY NO WORK AT ALL done.

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