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I don't particularly expect anything. I feel it's something that might appear in the late 20's or not at all.
Until then, I think SE will continue to focus on FF14 and milking the 15 universe; oh, and the 7R episode series which should conclude... 2025 maybe?

Now, assuming it does make a timely appearance sometime in the next 7 years, I don't necessarily assume it's wise to speculate on anything. The whole trademark of the franchise is to be different everytime, so I doubt we could predict it's next steps. Though it is more likely that it will be sci-fi/techno/western as opposed to heavy fantasy (FF9), that kind of stuff is considered Niche these days by SE so they relegate that to smaller projects. Combat also has a very high chance of not being turn based, also due to the considered-nicheness of it.