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I am a dietitian. And I'm having trouble trying to figure out what you're trying to achieve.

Anyway, as some people have already said, more isn't necessarily better. Your body only needs 2 serves of fruit per day. Anything beyond that is going to get eliminated in your urine, so you are literally pissing money away. Try to eat more vegetables if you can.

Same goes for protein, but you'll need to calculate your protein requirements based on your body weight. In Australia, the recommendations are 0.84g/kg/day, but you might need more if you're doing heavy training.

One last thing: if you're trying to lose weight, a blender is not the best idea. You're better off eating the fruit and vegetables normally. Solid foods are much more filling than liquids, and you'll be less hungry and eat less overall energy if you eat them as solids. Blender are good if you're trying to accrue mass, and need to eat more energy than normal.