Considering the thread made for Americans, I think us Canadians deserve a place for a servey like this. I'll be honestly surprised if we get anyone from the Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, or PEI.


Alberta: Barneystinson69, Reimtime

British Columbia: Xeon, flashfire926, Captain_Yuri

New Brunswick: Jayward, p0isonparadise

Newfoundland: pearljammer

Nova Scotia: TheLastStarFighter

Ontario: VGPolyglot, EricHiggin, Acevil, Slarvax, fielding88, LadyJasmine, Nintation360 , SvennoJ, ShadowSoldier, CaptainExplosion, HomokHarcos

P.E.I: eastcoastrider

Quebec: palou, Marcusius

Saskatchewan: COKTOE, Ninten78

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Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).