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Bristow9091 said:
Well as you know, I've played Runescape since it started, I was in the beta for it! So you already know my experiences with the game, since I've gone on about it a few times in discord before lol... I actually prefer RSC to OSRS, probably due to nostalgia lol, but all the best shit happened way back in the day, although these days I play RS3, I log in a few times a week, don't really do much in terms of leveling or questing though, just walk around and chat with people.

Sure would be nice if I could've got my original account back, I had so much stuff on it, all combat stats 99 except Magic and Prayer, 99 Fletching, Woodcutting, Cooking and Fishing, over 300m cash in the bank along with full Bandos, Armadyl, all the Barrows sets, all the Godswords, Dragonfire Shield (Back when it was actually cool and really expensive), full Dragon armour (Same as Dragonfire Shield, back when it was cool and expensive, lol) and just lots of other shit... but didn't play for a couple of years, and next thing you know, BOOM, hacked and banned, left with zilch! Oh well, managed to make a couple of million on my new account without really trying, so it's all good... one day I'll pay for membership again and hit 99 stats, lol.

... You should come play RS3, it's prettier and there's more to do!

I just have a hard time playing RS3 myself, I'm so used to OSRS that I can't really get into it. It seems too that it is a common thing, considering that OSRS actually has more players than RS3.