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Eww! But seriously, get yourself some more games! :P

Teeqoz said:

Yeah, people seem to forget this alot. Just check VGC's numbers for tie-ratios. While tie-ratios are on an upward trend, the highest tie-ratio yet is still only 11.7, which was the 360. Ofcourse, this doesn't include digital, so maybe I should have adjusted up a bit, I could see the current gen consoles reach attach rates of up to 15 games per console, including digital titles (but not PS+/GWG titles).

I'm definitely someone who forgets that, I mean, a console generation lasts 6+ years, and knowing that people are buying less than two games per year really baffles me lol, I know I have a lot of PS3 games (Over 200) and I'm currently on around 60 PS4 games (Retail only, not digital, same with PS3) and I know that's considered a lot, but I always assumed that the average would be a lot higher than what it currently is, lol.

Dont forget about used games though, somebody can own 100+ games and not contribute at all to the tie ratio.

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