Intrinsic said:

yh... its the whole myopic view thing.

On one hand you have platform A with that has 2 games that will sell 1M consoles each.

On the other hand you have platform B that has 12 games that will sell 300K consoles each.

Platform B doesn't have games that are as big system sellers as console A, but it has a lot of them and thus ends up selling more consoles attached to games than platform A.

This has been sony's strategy since the PS1. Yet its still hard for a lot to see...... sony doesn't care to have that one game that sells 12 to 15M copies in that one or two genres. They want to have a game in every genre that sells very well and even in genres people didn't even think they wanted.


It is also healthier for the market.

I would rather 10 games selling 1 million each, than 1 game selling 10 million and 9 games flopping.

With Playstation, you DONT have to like every exclusive.

I like Uncharted, don't like Gran Turismo. I like Ni No Kuni, don't like Nioh. That is FINE. That is the point of having an extensive and varied catalog of games.

There are consoles that if you don't like X or Y genre, well...there goes 70% of its catalog.