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SvennoJ said:
I'm bummed at the news of no VR at launch and only limited after that. I don't want to get excited for this game if I can't build stuff in VR :/

I did enjoy making complicated stuff in LBP, programming with springs and pistons was fun and no annoying red stone space issues. (And a big cheer for stickers and colors to keep things organised lol) I should fire my level back up, see if it all still works. Are the servers still up anyway...

I assume VR will be used for modeling and level creation since if you could make games playable in VR there would be a bunch of games that would make people sick.

Bet with Adamblaziken:

I bet that on launch the Nintendo Switch will have no built in in-game voice chat. He bets that it will. The winner gets six months of avatar control over the other user.