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Ghost Of Tsushima - 8 Things We Learned At PSX 2017!



  • It's about the invasion of Japan by Mongols in 1274, and you play as a Samurai on the losing side.
  • You have to learn a new combat style a ghost way of combat and that's how you then take your revenge.
  • Sucker Punch changed direction from inFAMOUS because sometimes creatively it's good to be freaked out.
  • It's open world.
  • The voice in the trailer is the Mongol Khan.
  • All the locations shown in the trailer are in the game. Tsushima is a Japanese island, and the invasion took place in this location.
  • They're not telling a true story, but it's based on reality and there is certain things they want to get right and be respectful to the facts.
  • The game's symbol is 2 mountains in a circle, and it's a family crest. (frictional)
  • They mo-capped horses.
  • The game is also much bigger than Infamous second son.
  • In development for over 3 years
  • Swordplay is somewhat ready
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