GribbleGrunger said:
Teeqoz said:

I'm sure Dreams allows you to make incredible, beautiful things, but nothing in that excerpt does anything to reduce my doubts about how those creations feel when you play them. If Dreams is only a platform to create mildly interactive pieces of art instead of fun games and levels like LBP was, then I've certainly lost all interest.

In LBP you were stuck with Sackboy and other already created characters, and even though the physics could be manipulated a little, it wasn't to any great extent. Dreams is different. In Dreams YOU create everything, from the character, character animations to the way the character 'plays'. You have complete control over that aspect of the game, unlike LBP. 

Exactly. This games is for those who actually have the imagination you would need for Minecraft along with people who are very artistic. I've got a wild imagination but Minecraft just isn't for me. But I do have the Dream of making my own game and Dreams will give me the tools to try.