Teeqoz said:
I remain very sceptical of how good the gameplay of this will be... Gameplay was generally not LBP's strong suit, and it's harder to screw up 2D platforming mechanics than 3D everything mechanics..

I can say without hyperbole that I have never seen anything remotely like Dreams in the 12 years that I’ve been visiting game studios. It has the potential to inspire millions in the art of game creation, in a way that goes much deeper than LittleBigPlanet or even Minecraft. On a less grandiose, but perhaps just as important level, it’s a way for any player to reconnect with their creativity, on as big or small a scale as they like.

Spending a day at Media Molecule’s headquarters in Guildford, I watched several of the studio’s staff play around with Dreams. Kareem Ettouney, the studio’s effusive art director, used two motion-sensitive Move controllers to manipulate and transform shapes in a virtual space, putting them together to sketch out a mountain range. He made sketching in 3D look effortless. A button press let him meld shapes together and play with the look of them, sharpening or softening the edges, cutting bits out to define a ridge. Within 10 minutes he created a desert scene, placed a sun in the sky, added color and changed the lighting. He then filled in some water, and with another stroke of the Move controller the water animated, flowing into a pool. He painted in some grass that then moved as if in a gentle wind. At any point, another press of a button dropped a character into this world he created out of nothing and let you walk around in it. It really is something to behold.

Within a half-hour, Ettouney had constructed buildings and created an enormous, angular, weird neon city beside the mountains. It’s so huge that the little character is totally lost in it, so he zoomed in to a player’s-eye view to create pathways and routes through, making it more playable.



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