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Destiny 2 has recently received its first major DLC, Curse of Osiris, adding more content to the game developed by Bungie released a couple of months back on PC and consoles. Sadly, it seems like it also removed content for those who haven’t bought the DLC. According to reports, the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC prevents regular access to the prestige Raid, Nightfall, and Trials, which could all be accessed prior to the DLC pack’s release weekly. Apparently, all three activities have been moved to some sort of DLC playlist. Additionally, this also prevents players from obtaining all achievements and the PS4 version Platinum Trophy. Reddit user dd179 also noted that Bungie did the same in the original Destiny.

In Destiny 1, there would be around 6 or so PvP playlists at any given time, with different game modes such as Rumble, Clash, Control, etc. If you had the base game, you always had access to all of the playlists and you could play every single mode. If a new DLC dropped and you didn’t buy it, most of the playlists would get locked out for you, since everything moved to a DLC play list. Instead of having all 6 playlists, you would only get to play Clash and Control, for example. The same thing would happen with the Strikes playlists. Instead of having three strike playlists to choose from, you would get just one playlist that wasn’t even worth your time, since the gear it dropped was way below the cap of the vanilla game. You couldn’t even do the hard mode you previously had access to. This is one of the scummiest practices I’ve ever seen in AAA gaming.