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Ariakon said:

No Slim deals until at least the 17th this year? Sony is pushing it, the Xbox S has been on sale since Saturday. 

I'm starting to think that they saw their stock end too quickly at BF. Maybe they are fearing that, if they cut the price now, they won't be able to have units in stock for the last Christmas week. That would also mean that they are confident they can sell a big stock in a single week.

If that's the case, probably the X1S didn't sell anywhere close to PS4 Slim (not unlikely since they have the X1X launch) or MS managed to have more stock.

One interesting thing is that when they bring back the 199 Slim, people will be able to get console + PSVR + GTS for 400 bucks. Probably the cheapest non-mobile VR package ever. I wonder if next year they won't do a 350 PS4+VR bundle.