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zorg1000 said:
Kerotan said:

Yeah this makes sense. 


Anyway it's great to see vr get so cheap and affordable. Price is key to a bright vr future. 

Yep, ive been on the fence about the sales potential of VR.

High-end PC VR has the quality hardware/software but the entry price is way to high to attract a wide audience.

Low-end mobile VR has the right price cut the hardware/software is too low quality to keep consumers engaged.

PSVR has the best shot of making it big by offering a middle ground with the right mix of price, hardware & software.

In my opinion, the launch price and early software wasnt good enough to bring in a mainstream crowd but now that the price is coming down and some big quality games are releasing it seems like it can carve out some decent sales.

If next year the official price becomes $199 for PS4 Slim and $199 for the base VR set & $299 for PS4 Pro and $299 for the premium VR set than it has a good shot of becoming big.

Psvr can be a moderate success but I'm looking forward to the ps5 and PSVR part 2. It will have much more power behind it and the headsets will be cheaper but better quality.