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So I was truly excited about the prospect of a WWE game I could take on the road with me. This may actually have been the game I was most excited about when it was announced. In fact, it was a dream game of mine as soon as I saw the Switch hardware.

I passed up the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions on favor of portability--something that was even harder to do when the Xbone version was on sale for $40 on Black Friday. Anyway, I woke up at 1am this morning and downloaded the $80 Switch version without a second thought!

I fire up the game. I agree to all if the licensing/online stuff. Then, the title screen loads... except, it doesn't load. The game freezes. I have to reset the console.

Anyway, I get to the title screen and I decide I want to see how the graphics are. I choose to let the computer fight itself. Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss.


First thing I notice is that everything is blurry as hell. The video on the "Titantron", the audience, EVERYTHING. Second thing I notice is that everything is moving in slow motion. I'm no big framerate guy. Yeah, I own the better versions of the PS4 and Xbox One but I'm more than satisfied with 30fps gameplay and 720p resolution.

This game has neither of that 

I'm not Digital Foundry or anything but I wouldn't be shocked to find this game consistently drops below 20fps in 1 on 1 matches! And the resolution looks like it could be 480p.

I finished that and started up a six man "EliminationChamber" match just to see what the game would do in this graphically demanding situation.

I thought the Switch was going to explode.

The game was choppy, the resolution dropped even further, and even the audio was cutting out. Sometimes, it was totally silent.

2K should be a goddam shamed of themselves for putting this game on the market in its current state. On the plus side, almost all of the content appears to be here. Clothing and hair are animated well. The audience is impressive. The Switch just isn't up to task on this one--or it's just a sloppy, sloppy rush job port.

Last edited by d21lewis - on 06 December 2017

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