Normchacho said:
Thanks for making me and that other guy a thread...I guess...Not that I needed someone to explain to me what the different types of AA are or explain that they require resources...but thanks.

Nintendo doesn't use AA to the degree other companies do because they don't prioritize it. That's all. Every developer needs to decide how to best allocate their resources and Nintendo doesn't value AS. For me, as someone who is really sensitive to aliasing, it bugs me.

Nintendo should try to offer their consumers a choice.
SMAA and FXAA are fast enough to not really drag down performance.
Given that they don't seem to want to give users the option I can see the reason they don't use FXAA, not sure about SMAA though.
Maybe we will see change in the future.

Temporal AA can be great, but can also destroy image quality.
For a company that does not like offer choice, I can see why some teams in Nintendo decide not to use it.