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Hey guys, I'm in a slight dilemma here. I can get a 4K HDR Bravia LED(Sony KD55X9000E 55") right now for really cheap. OLED TV sets are still very expensive and I'm currently playing on a full HD Bravia at the moment which is good but the tech is old now. I do want a big jump going from my 1080P Bravia 55", is 4K OLED worth waiting for over standard 4K LED? Is it night and day difference between 4K LED and 4K OLED?

Just so you know, if you're talking about the display technology then you should do the same for both systems just for the sake of being coherent.

What you call a LED TV is actually an LCD TV, the LEDs are part of the background light. OLED TV's displays are made of organic LED's but so called LED TV's displays are made of LCD's. It's marketing that is at fault here, they try to confuse the masses cause LED and OLED sounds so close that people with LCD's displays feel like they pretty much got the same as OLED, but it has NOTHING to do one with the other.

I never once seen someone, online or irl, mistake a LED TV for an OLED TV. 

There was absolutely nothing that lacked coherence in his post. You are being obtuse for no reason.

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