Azuren said:
Also, Zygote, OLED won't be taking over the market. Only two of the big four are doing it, and Sony may not do it again next year due to low sales of the A1E.

Good point on the first link.  I didn't know burn-in had that level of potential for OLED.  Looking at the TV offerings this year, 4K tech has nearly become standard across the board.  It is possible that the manufacturers will focus on that market conversion over the next year, however OLED has such dramatic picture differences and has been touted for long enough that I find it hard to believe that all manufacturers will have some hat in that ring by next Christmas.  OLED may not win out completely in the end, but some form or evolution of that technology will be.  Might be best to hold off for a couple of years for gamers looks like though from that burn-in test. I was going to wait until next Christmas to get a main OLED, but we will see what happens this year with the tech.