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monocle_layton said:
BasilZero said:
How about lowering the price of a WiiU Launch game....its still $60 :(

Ouch. I can find many of the 1st party titles for much less. 

Ljink96 said:
Superstar Saga should have been 30 bucks. But I think the bigger issue is that the fans have moved to the Switch and they're waiting for experiences on that device. There have been 3 Mario and Luigi games on 3DS, I don't think we want any more Nintendo.

Hopefully the series gets a mini revamp. I love it, but Bowser's Inside Story is ahead of the other entries by a ridiculous margin. 

I agree! Nintendo was so worried about Paper Mario not being able to co-exist with the Mario and Luigi Series or move any further, when Paper Mario has more potential than the Mario and Luigi series at this point. They can revamp it, though. Hopefully they go ahead and do that. Hopefully that spirit that defined Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey is infectious and it reaches the other 1st and 2nd party studios.