pokoko said:
Cloudman said:

Hey now, I've never played the originals, but I'm still interested in it. Don't count bases on other consoles out just yet.

The first one was flat-out one of my favorite gaming experiences of last gen--or of any gen, really.  It was unique, it was fun, it was beautiful, and the story was top-notch.  It completely drew me in emotionally.  Let's just say that at one point I had to cut the console off and it took two days before I could overcome my heartbreak enough to go back.

This makes me very happy.  I can't wait to play it.

I'm glad that it's on other platforms, too.  If it's as good as the first one then I want it to be as successful as possible.

You might like the artwork and visual style, as well, which was awesome.  I loved it.

Man, that makes me wanna play the 1st one greatly. I have a copy of it so I'll bump it up my list of games to play, haha.



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