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o_O.Q said:
whenever you have people interacting freely in a sexual manor towards each other, someone is often going to make some type of mistake, since no one is perfect, its not something that is ever going to go away in a free society

the problem is further compounded by the innate tendency most women have to admire and be attracted to men with power, who generally are going to tend to be dominant and likely to push boundaries than the average man ( since that is what drives success in a competitive environment )

Ah yeah, blame it on the women for being sexually assaulted.


going around ascribing blame for bad events that happen over attempting to come up with a viable solution is the domain of a fool


to find a viable solution for a problem you need to take note of all of the factors that cause that problem, furthermore men and women aren't two entirely separate entities that have no connection or impact on the other


men influence the behavior of women in some ways and women influence male behavior in some ways


i don't think men would try as hard as they can to be successful and respected if there wasn't an understanding that women desire men like that... and as we see across just about all domains of competency, men compete and women generally go for the men that reach the top at much higher rates than those at the lower levels


i mean everyone understands this, are you really trying to deny reality? then you have to ask yourself, what type of man is generally likely to reach the top of a hierarchy?


but of course i already understand your solution to these issues - which is just to wipe out all hierarchies and keep everyone stuck at one level as some homogeneous blob where people are not allowed to manifest their individuality and i personally can't think of a worse fate for mankind on both an individual level and a group level

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