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DonFerrari said:


3sexty said:

Well this is how it is.. I only ever afford the level of quality in my response commensurate to the post I am responding too. So yes I was playing around with you because your post was completely arrogant, immature and unnecessary.   When I arrived at imaginedvl  post I agreed to its premise and so decided to quote and reply. This is part of what we do feely here.

If you disagree, reply directly and address me,  make the point, reiterate if need be - even if someone has already raised it. That's the way the site work and its courtious.  Who are you to decide and mandate that I read every post to the end and then demand some kind of acknowledgement of a subsequent post which may not agree with my position, - and just because the response appears to subscribe to your point of view. The post in question by the way is no more factual that mine, - perhaps even less so as it fails to acknowledge that the current launch demand for xonex is greater than the ps4 pro during its launch. And overall the premise of this post (not mention the poor tone in it) is pretty much addressed before it was made by other posters such as imgaginedvl.  If these type of threads and the way people freely post bother you that much, maybe you should stay off them. So indeed, it would appear that your reading is limited to what you want to acknowledge. And couple this with a poor level of tolerance to how others post here.. Hope you learn something from this....

Nope, it's just that the guy had just gave you link proving the point, but you decided to ignore it and say again that there were no shortage of PS4P to prove some point that PS4P sales couldn't be higher because it were meeting demand.

well u know what, I did not see that. Which is why you shud have replied directly with the link rather than question why I was ignoring posts on purpose.

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