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zorg1000 said:
bluedawgs said:
Nintendo fans conceding that it makes sense that the argument that Switch's launch in March is no different than PS4's November launch due to the amount a company can actually produce to meet demand would mean that they give up the only argument they have in regards to explaining how the Switch will somehow outsell PS4 despite being way behind launch aligned. That will not be given up easily.

Just watch, in a few months when Switch holidays sales come into play and it passes PS4 launches aligned, you and others will all of a sudden be using the same arguement.

"Thats not a fair comparison, Switch had a post launch holiday but PS4 hasnt yet!!!"

Im willing to bet at least a half dozen people will say this.

This kind of shit is why arguing with people like you fucking sucks. You're being either intentionally or unintentionally obtuse.

No one in this thread is arguing that holiday sales aren't monstrous in comparison to non holiday sales, people in this thread are arguing, and I'm gonna bold and capitalize this so there's no misunderstanding (but i'm sure there still will be somehow), HOLIDAY LAUNCHES, SUCH AS THE PS4's, HAVE NO ADVANTAGE OVER A MARCH LAUNCH BECAUSE DUE TO HOW POPULAR CONSOLES ARE, IT ISN'T POSSIBLE TO SUPPLY ENOUGH CONSOLES TO MEET DEMAND  IN THE LAUNCH PERIOD. THERE ARE ENOUGH PEOPLE WILLING TO BUY A CONSOLE DAY ONE THAT THERE JUST WILL NOT BE ENOUGH AVAILABLE, WHETHER THAT IS IN MARCH OR NOVEMBER. 

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