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TomaTito said:
SvennoJ said:

Mine hasn't changed much since 2007 (this was 2013), except new consoles and the shelves are all filled up now.

I recently replaced the tv in the livingroom with a 65" 4K HDR set. then put the old tv next to it a few weeks later more as a joke, yet it's still sitting there today. Kind of convenient.

Dirty console peasant that can't afford a gaming pc :) /jk

What a difference four years makes, collection is looking full now!

And you should keep the double TV setup for the kids, should be fun with Splatoon 2.
I played Splatoon on the WiiU like that once, it was a blast xD

@bold: That's towards me? :P

Yeah, I moved all the double DVDs (reoplaced with blu-ray) and the whole original star trek series out of the way as well as many games traded in and given away. Currently it's so full movies are lying flat on top as well. Time for more shelves or purge more DVDs.

The double tv setup is suiting me very well too. I guess they could play PvZ2 multiplayer together with this setup, if that's allowed with one ps+ account (it should) haven't tried yet.

The bolded was towards the "Console gamers, why do you feel console gaming is better than pc" thread :p

The setup is getting used a lot less since psvr. I still sit in the room, but with the headset on the projector is getting little use. I still prefer to use the surround sound instead of headphones though. Skyrim VR tomorrow! Currently watching the livestream on Eurogamer