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TomaTito said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

That being said, it's crazy how sexy the Switch is docked. Even the Switch  menu system is sexy to me.  I like it  

Looking back at the picture, I should switched the joycons, the red neon ones would be more visible docked.

BasilZero said:

Once I move to a new home, after I set it up in a dedicated game room, I'll take pics...which wont be until 2018 though :p.

Early or late 2018???

SvennoJ said:

Mine hasn't changed much since 2007 (this was 2013), except new consoles and the shelves are all filled up now.

I recently replaced the tv in the livingroom with a 65" 4K HDR set. then put the old tv next to it a few weeks later more as a joke, yet it's still sitting there today. Kind of convenient.

Dirty console peasant that can't afford a gaming pc :) /jk

What a difference four years makes, collection is looking full now!

And you should keep the double TV setup for the kids, should be fun with Splatoon 2.
I played Splatoon on the WiiU like that once, it was a blast xD

@bold: That's towards me? :P

Probably a comment on posts like this saying that people only buy consoles because they can't afford a PC.

Clearly, this is not the case with you, SvennoJ and many others (myself included).


OT: I like your setups. Mine has a PS4, PS3, 360 and soon a Switch. I have a PC in another room but I use it mostly for work.