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VAMatt said:
NATO said:


Can't sell what isn't on the shelves.

There are no stock shortages of the Pro or Switch that I can see.  They're both in stock all the time at my local Target (I'm in there about twice per month) and usually at Walmarts and Gamestops (I'm in these about once per month).  Switch has just recently fixed its stock issues.  But, I've never seen a shortage of PS4 Pro.  

The comparison is of how many consoles were sold at launch, the ps4 pro and switch were sold out, at launch, why in the hell would current stock have any relation to that?

VAMatt said: 

Even so, I dispute that there was a significant shortage of PS4 Pro near launch.  I saw them everywhere, all the time. 

And, again, the thread is based on UK only, UK numbers and UK launch totals, the ps4 pro and switch both sold out completely at launch and it was a few weeks before anywhere got new stock and that stock was limited and sold out instantly due to the demand at the time and because the majority of production stock was sent to the US.

Infact in January (two months after release), the PS4 pro was still extremely hard to find anywhere in europe and asia, while readilly available in the US, as per this article:

By february (3 months after release) there were still shortages with the few actually available being put into forced game bundles for crazy prices by retailers and the few ones that were at a reasonable price with single game bundles or console-only, were still selling out quickly:

So im not surprised you never saw a shortage, but your own experiences bear no relation what so ever to the topic being discussed.

Imaginedvl said: 

I don't think the Play Station Four Pro had any shortage no, the demand was just not that high.

As above, you don't get to rewrite reality to suit a narrative, the context of location and the stock level dictating maximum sales for that region aren't details you can simply omit and ignore, because lets be honest when next weeks XBX console sales take a nosedive, the lack of stock will matter then, too.

Last edited by NATO - on 15 November 2017