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hudsoniscool said:
JEMC said:

Congrats to MSoft for the successful launch of the X.

Having said that, the fact that a $500 console sells well makes me worry a little bit. We shouldn't give companies that $500 consoles are ok, or we might get PS5/X2 in that price range.

There's this thing called inflation man. A 400$ console in 2006 is the same as a 500$ console in 2017. Just like when people complain about  micro transactions and paid dlc in games. A new game has been 60$ for how long? 20 years? 30?. It should be 85 or 90. 

I know what inflation is. And I also know that in most countries, salaries haven't increased at the same rate as inflation, but quite less.

Please excuse my bad English.

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